Dependent Child (Temporary visa)

445 Extended eligibility-Dependent Child (Temporary) Visa

This visa is a temporary visa designed for the dependent child/stepchild whose parent holds a temporary partner visa which does not include the child and has not yet been granted a permanent partner visa. The visa allows the visa holder to remain or travel to and from Australia for as long as the temporary visa of parents is valid or they are granted a permanent visa.

Requirements for child dependent visa Australia:

  • Once the visa is granted and before the result of the parent’s permanent visa application, a separate application for a permanent visa same as the parents must be lodged for the child as well.
  • If the child is in Australia at the time of lodging application then it should be lodged in Australia and the child must be in Australia at the time of visa grant otherwise if at time of visa application child is outside then it must be applied outside Australia and the child must be outside Australia at time of visa grant.
  • The child must be a child/stepchild of the parent who must hold either a temporary partner/spouse/interdependency visa or an extended eligibility visa. The parent must also have the alone legal right to determine where the child shall live or a statutory declaration from the person who has the legal right to give the child the permission to migrate. The parent must also provide a legal order allowing the child to permanently move from the child’s home country.
  • The applications where the child is under 18 years old are less likely to be approved. The child above 18 years must be financially independent except in case of disability. The child must be single, unmarried/in de facto relationship/engaged.
  • The child who is 18 years and above must sign an Australian values statement which requires you to respect the Australian way of life and obey the laws of Australia.

Sponsor requirements

The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, permanent Australian visa holder or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. The person who sponsored the child’s parent must sponsor the child too. The sponsor must be prepared to sponsor the child, child’s visa holding parent or child’s family members included in the visa application.

Sponsor Obligations:

  • While the child is living in Australia, the sponsor is responsible for all the financial obligations that the child may incur to the Australian Government.
  • The sponsor is responsible for providing support, satisfactory accommodation and financial assistance to meet the child’s reasonable living needs in their initial two years in Australia.
  • If needed, the sponsor must support the child’s English learning classes.

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