Resident Return visa

Resident Return (Subclass 155/157) Visa

Resident Return Visa allows the people who are the permanent residents of Australia to leave Australia and then return back as permanent resident. Basically, if you travel outside Australia without a proper Resident Return Visa, then you would not be able to return to Australia as a permanent resident. In short, the Resident Return Visa lets the applicant maintain their permanent resident status even when they travel outside Australia.

Requirements for the Resident Return (Subclass 155/157) Visa

  • The Resident Return Visa can be applied when the applicant is in or outside Australia.
  • For subclass 155 of Resident Return Visa, there are three set of requirements which the applicant needs to fulfil in order for visa grant.
  • The applicant needs to have spent at least two out of their last five years in Australia as permanent citizen or resident in Australia.
  • If you are unable to fulfil the first requirement but can demonstrate substantial cultural, business, employment or personal ties which benefit the Australian nation as a whole, then also you stand eligible for visa.
  • Another option that you can try if you do not fulfil the first requirement is when you are a dependent family member of an applicant or a partner of an applicant who has been granted the Resident Return (Subclass 155) Visa.
  • For Subclass 157 of the Resident Return Visa, these are the following requirements which the applicant needs to fulfil in order for visa grant.
  • Out of the past five years that the applicant has spent has spent in Australia, he or she must have spent a minimum of at least one day lawfully.
  • Out of the past five years the applicant must have spent less than two years in Australia.
  • The applicant has been a permanent resident in Australia or an Australian citizen for the entire time period that he or she has spent in Australia.
  • The applicant must be able to show the compelling or compassionate reasons for having to leave Australia or if already outside Australia then the reason for leaving when you did.
  • The applicant must prepare all the documents and fulfil all the requirements for their visa application if they need their Resident Return (Subclass 155 / 157) visa granted.
  • For applying for the Resident Return (Subclass 155 / 157) Visa the applicant can submit their visa application either online using an ImmiAccount or by posting through the nearest Immigration office in your home country to the DIBP office in Sydney.

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