Training Visa (Subclass 407)

This visa allows the applicant to temporarily visit Australia and take part in occupational training or for professional development. Under a training visa, you can indulge in workplace-based training, structured workplace-based training or skill sharpening and competence enhancing training.

Benefits of Training (Subclass 407) Visa:

The applicant can apply for both offshore as well as onshore visas and is allowed to travel to and from Australia frequently till visa validity. The applicant is allowed to complete the training specified in the visa application and live in Australia for 2 years. The applicant can also add on eligible family members including married or de facto relationship partners or they’re or their partner’s dependent child up to 23 years old in their visa application to Australia.

Requirements of Training (Subclass 407) Visa:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old and must be sponsored by an approved sponsor.
  • The applicant should get occupational training directly by the sponsor except in case of exemption.
  • The applicant is expected to be proficient in functional English to meet training, occupation, health and safety standards.
  • The applicant must have sufficient financial capacity for health insurance of themselves and accompanying family members during the stay in Australia. The applicant must have enough evidence to provide for their financial capacity as well.
  • The applicant should also fulfil all the other requirements of the training program.
  • The sponsor must be a lawfully operating Australian organisation, a government agency or a foreign government agency and should have the ability to fulfil all the sponsorship obligations.
  • To nominate an applicant on a training 407 visa, the person must be an approved temporary activity sponsor or must have applied to become an approved temporary activist sponsor.
  • The applicant as well as the accompanying family members must undergo a medical examination within 12 months of lodging the visa application to meet health requirements. Also, the applicant must provide police clearance from a respective country where they have stayed for 12 months or more in the last 10 years to fulfil the character requirement.
  • Unless the applicant’s home country has a reciprocal health agreement in Australia, the applicant and family members are expected to be covered by a national health scheme of Australia like Medicare.
  • .Also, the applicant must be devoid of any outstanding debts to the government of Australia before the visa is granted and in case there are debts, the applicant must have appropriate arrangements to pay off the debts before the time of visa grant.

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